June 24 – July 16

The Miami International Piano Festival Academy is an intensive summer program designed with innovative concepts for artists pursuing a concert career.

This Three Week Symposium will bring an exciting program and an incredible group of international performing artists that will provide inspirational experiences for participants through exposure to a variety of valid sources of information and instruction directed toward achieving artistic freedom – in the tradition of great pianists of the past.

During the Full Three Week session, participants will have and participate in:


• 2 private (90 minutes) lessons with a select faculty every week (6 Private Lessons)
• Daily Master Classes
• Performance Opportunities
• Collaborative Opportunities
• Faculty lectures and Discussions
• Faculty Performances


June 24 – July 8
July 1 – July 16

The half session is offered for those who are looking for an immersion in the world of the piano but may have limited time, money or repertoire.

Space is limited at the Academy and therefore only a limited number of participants will be admitted in the two-week sessions. Applicants will be accepted on a first come, first served bases. Once these slots are filled, additional applicants for the two-week session will either be placed on a waiting list or will be encouraged to enroll in the full session. Additional applicants will be admitted if space becomes available.

During the two week session, participants will have many of the same opportunities as those enrolled in the Full Three Week Academy.

  • 2 private (90 minutes) lessons with a select faculty each week (4 Private Lessons)
  • Daily Master Classes
  • Performance Opportunities
  • Faculty lectures and Discussions
  • Faculty Performances


June 24 – July 16

The Aspiring Young Pianists Session is designed for the younger pianist whose repertoire is not fully developed but who is considering the possibility of a career with the piano. This session will run parallel to the Full Session and therefore will provide inspirational opportunities to attend the faculty recitals, advanced master classes, and all other lectures and programs. In addition, participants in the Aspiring Young Pianists Session will receive:

  • 2 private (60 minutes lessons with a select faculty each week (6 Private Lessons)
  • Performance Opportunities
  • Master Classes with other “Aspiring Pianists
  • Faculty lectures and Discussions
  • Faculty performances


June 24 – July 5

This program is designed to bring forth aspects of violin playing that are commonly less exploited during the educational years of a musician’s career. With individual lessons, chamber music coaching’s, group classes and the opportunity to perform in concerts, this program aims to work on several aspects:

  • 20th Century repertoire: The importance of 20th-century repertoire -as a peak of musical evolution and the ramification of previously established approaches- is immense and aids in the development of a musical artist. It is also a step towards 21st-century works, through which one can better understand the artistic scene prior to our current musical world.
  • “Miniatures” or “character pieces”: Often written by great violinists themselves, the nature of these pieces, so fitting for the instrument, is frequently tied to very specific characters and expressions, which each individual may have a different approach to. These beautiful works tap directly into the player’s sensitivity. –
  • Etudes and Caprices: An etude is a piece of music where the usually repetitive nature of its composition aims to develop specific instrumental and musical skills. These etudes and caprices are essential to a violinist’s repertoire.
  • Original composition: Composing aids in furthering the understanding of musical pieces and their recreation or interpretation.
  • Concertos: These are a must know for violinists. Many major composers wrote a concerto for the violin. This genre’s unique quality is the instrument’s interaction with the symphony orchestra, which happens in no other of the genres (on general terms). The concertos are staples of the violin repertoire.

Upon acceptance in the course, the participant will be assigned a program from the following repertoire. The specific works will be of the candidate’s choice, except for the 20th-century work, which will be assigned by the violin and piano faculty, in order to form chamber music partners.

  • One movement of a major 20th Century sonata or another 20th Century work. Three miniature pieces – An etude by Kreutzer/Rode or a caprice by Winiawski/Paganini. A one-minute original composition (Optional but highly recommended. One movement of a concerto


Program Details

· 3 private (60 minutes) lessons (These lessons will serve to work on: character pieces, etudes, and caprices, and concerto)

· 3 group classes: In these classes will be dedicated to the technique as physical efficiency and its usage; discussing interpretation and improvisation, as well as presenting the minute-long compositions; and having the students perform for one another, giving feedback and constructive criticism.

· 2 coaching: In these coaching sessions the students will work on the 20th Century pieces.

· 2 concerts: One concert will be dedicated to the one-minute compositions and the miniature pieces. The other, to performing the 20th Century works.

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