JUNE 22 – JULY 19, 2020

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The Miami International Piano Festival Academy is the natural offspring of the Miami International Piano Festival. Its creation has been a priority for us and an important development in our history.

The Miami International Piano Festival Academy is the natural offspring of the Miami International Piano Festival. Its creation has been a priority for us and an important development in our history.

After successfully presenting the Piano Academy for five consecutive years we are excited to announce the return of this intense and highly successful program in 2020 in partnership with NSU South Eastern University. MIPFA is an intensive summer program designed to explore the Art of Piano Playing by emphasizing personal, artistic, and technical development with innovative concepts for artists pursuing a concert career.

The four-week session this year  will bring an exciting program and an incredible group of international performing artists, lecturers and composers that will provide inspirational experiences for participants through exposure to a variety of valid sources of information and instruction directed toward achieving artistic freedom – in the tradition of great pianists of the past.

Through this program, pianists will have the opportunity to take part in intensive Private and Open lessons with these master artists and teachers. There will be opportunities to participate in a new and exciting Chamber Music Program, as well as technique,  improvisation, and composition workshops  improvise to strengthen their skills as performers.

Participants will be offer performing opportunities for their musical development in a collaborative environment that will allow immersion with the wealth of piano literature. The Academy’s open class policy will enable students to observe and learn from the insights of each artist of our faculty and to participate fully in life-changing experiences.

Why is the program unique?

Private & Open Lessons With All Faculty Members

At MIPFA every pianist will have the opportunity to have private and open lessons with every faculty member; participants are, therefore, able to appreciate differences of interpretation and thinking among great artists. This system encourages pianists to think independently towards a goal of developing individualism and self-reliance.

A Supportive & Relaxed Atmosphere

Since there are no separate studios, and every participant is a student of every faculty member, there are no unpleasant competitive jealousies or sense of exclusion, but rather a spirit of mutual support and cooperation. In this system, every member of the faculty and every participant is a source to provide help, knowledge and inspiration. Participants feel free to discuss with faculty and peers any issue, not just one hour a week, but anytime and every day.

An Opportunity to Build Self Confidence & Make New Friends

MIPFA offers an environment where faculty and participants bond; this spirit of collaboration and camaraderie helps alleviate or overcome students’ negative feelings of nervousness, insecurity, introversion or uncertainty, familiar concerns to many young piano students. Another way participants and teachers get to interact is through the numerous forums for performance which allow students to display their musical and personal growth.

A Rich Educational Experience

Pianists selected from a worldwide field of applicants will have the opportunity to study with a world-class faculty, headed by Giselle Brodsky, the founder and Artistic Director of the Miami International Piano Festival and its Piano Academy. Master classes and concerts by stellar pianists, round table discussions with faculty, superb lectures by musicologists, Professors Frank Cooper and Alan Walker, dance workshops with ballet dancer Giulio Galimberti,  composition workshops by composers Charles Mason and Dorothy Hindman, chamber music workshops, and piano ensembles will complete this exciting summer.

“A unique experience in the study and exploration of the Art of Piano Playing for artists pursuing concert careers; it is more than a summer program, it’s a stepping stone for their future.”